Welcome to Exeter Exotics!

Established in 2011, Exeter Exotics is an independent family run Exotic Pet Shop.

We are passionate about exotic animals and the continued advancement in their husbandry.

Where possible, we try to breed many species ourselves, ensuring that our customers are receiving high quality, healthy pets.


We invite you to visit us...

Our shop is conveniently situated just off of Exeters Main High Street. We have our own car park right outside the shop.
There is a train station within walking distance & plenty of nearby bus stops.

All your exotic pet needs in one place:
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Staff to advise you on all aspects of your exotic pets husbandry requirements

  • Excellent Customer Service & After Care Advice

  • Weekly Fresh Live Food Deliveries fed upon arrival

  • Quality Frozen Food stocked in store

  • Wide selection of Housing and Equipment

  • Boarding Facilities

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