Holiday Boarding

Here at Exeter Exotics, we have boarding facilities available to take care of your exotic pets whilst your away.

Priced per enclosure, per overnight stay:

Inverts £2.50

Small-Medium Lizards (Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Chameleon etc) £4.00

Large Lizards (Bosc Monitor, Tegu etc) £5.00

Snakes & Amphibians £3.00

Tortoises & Turtles £4.00

Mammals/ Marsupials £4.00


All prices are inclusive of food & supplements if applicable. Discount may be available for longer/ multiple enclosure bookings. Contact us for info.

Claw Trimming

We offer a FREE Claw Trimming service in store for your exotic pets.

Please phone ahead first on 01392 213480 to make sure there is a trained member of staff available to assist you before turning up.


Shedding Issues

Now & again your reptile can run into a few issues with shedding... it is important to remove stuck shed or eye caps if you can, to prevent any complications to your reptile (a gecko with stuck shed on their toes can lose the toe if left!)...if you don't feel confident in removing this shed skin...
We offer a FREE Shed Removal service in store.
Please phone ahead first on 01392 213480 to make sure there is a trained member of staff 
available to assist you before turning up.

Reptile Sexing

We offer a FREE Reptile Sexing service in store.

Dependant on the species, we can help you with the gender of your reptile.
Sometimes certain reptiles can be difficult to sex due to their age so please call ahead first 01392 213480 to discuss & check that a trained member of staff will be available to assist you.


Egg Incubation

We offer an incubation service for customers who don't want to incubate their reptile eggs.
As there are many different reasons that can lead to eggs failing to successfully incubate, we are unable to offer any guarantee with this service & therefore it is done so at the customers risk. However, we will say that we have many years of successfully breeding & incubating various different reptile species, with a high successful incubation rate.

Incubation Terms vary dependant on species, please contact us to discuss.