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Care Sheets

Caring for your pet

Whether you have just purchased a new exotic pet, are doing research into potentially getting one, or are just refreshing yourself on care of your existing pet... we hope you will find our care sheets useful. 

As we continue to learn more about these fascinating animals, advancements in husbandry & associated products are constantly improving & evolving... so please be sure to check back regularly as we will update our care sheets accordingly & continue to add more.

Conflicting information - as great as the internet is, like with everything, you will find conflicting information... this is no different on the care of certain exotics.

Sometimes this is just down to a matter of personal opinions of keepers/breeders, & it may be that neither approach is particularly wrong, but is just the preferred method used by the individual & what they have had success with.

Other causes of differences in care could be due to outdated information, a lack of knowledge from the individual(s) and even the country the animal is being kept... a lot of counties experience much warmer weather than the UK, so what may be acceptable there, doesn't mean it is here.
We base our information on many years of combined experience in keeping & breeding a lot of these different exotics, keeping up to date with the latest advancements in research & products associated with them. 



(Ambystoma mexicanum)


Corn Snake

(Pantherophis guttatus)


Leopard Gecko

(Eublepharis macularius)


Bearded Dragon

(Pogona vitticeps)


Crested Gecko

(Correlophus ciliatus)


Mediterranean Tortoises

Spur Thighed (Testudo graeca), Hermanns (Testudo hermanni), Marginated (Testudo marginata), Horsfields (Testudo horsfieldi)


Bosc Monitor

(Varanus exanthematicus) 


Horned Frog

(Ceratophrys cranwelli)(Ceratophrys ornata)


Corn Snake

(Pantherophis guttatus)

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